Ruck Advisors, our team

Christophe Arnould
(Managing Partner)

Ruck Advisors - Christophe ArnouldChristophe Arnould is specialized in the field of  alternative investment funds and vehicles.
Previously, he ran for 4 years the office in Luxembourg of Lyxor Asset Management and was Chairman of the Board of their Irish subsidiary. He also worked 3 years as Deputy Operations Manager in their Parisian Head-Office.

Earlier in his career, he spent 9 years within BNP Paribas in Paris, essentially within their Capital Markets Division. He was appointed Global Head of Back Office for the Equities & Derivatives business line, after 3 years within the General Inspection Department.

He’s an ILA’s Certified Director, the Luxemburgish Association of Non-Executive and Independent Directors and a member of various commissions of the Luxembourg Association of Investment Funds (ALFI). He’s a graduate from the Institute of Political Studies of Strasbourg and holds Master’s Degrees both in Finance and Capital Markets and in Accountancy. He’s a Luxembourgish citizen.

Catherine-Marie Bouvy
(Managing Partner)

Ruck Advisors - Catherine-Marie BouvyCatherine-Marie Bouvy has almost 20 years of experience within the Fund Industry, both in France and Luxembourg.

Among her career and successful positions through asset management sector within BNP Paribas Group she developed different spheres of core skills such as, but not limited to, Investors follow-up and Complaints Handling, Compliance Monitoring, Business analyst and Process Improvement or Accounting Management.

She’s a member of ILA, the Luxemburgish Association of Non-Executive and Independent Directors.
She is a graduate from Haute Ecole Robert Schuman in Libramont (Belgium). She’s a Belgian citizen.